Full integration of Uniconta and WooCommerce.

Create your products

You create your products, add captions and images, select shop categories in the Uniconta. Then you are ready to sell your products in WooCommerce


Customers order

Your customers are completing order and payment directly in your WooCommerce webshop. The customer and the order are then automatically created in Uniconta, ready for expedition.


Handle Order

You handle your WooCommerce webshop order directly in Uniconta, completely like any other order in Uniconta. Easy, simple and secure.



Systems are updated

All relevant data is synchronized automatically, for example: products, product images, stock, customers, individual prices, sales order, and much more.


Why should you use Wedo Woo?


Simple to use

Our Uniconta WooCommerce Connector is an advanced plugin that makes your shop work easy and simple to handle

Supports more features

The Uniconta-WooCommerce connector supports and enforce the best use of specialized WooCommerce features and plugins directly

Dynamic Data Mapping

With our integration for WooCommerce you can map fields freely between WooCommerce and Uniconta, without a programmer help

No more Double work

Simply maintain and update your product data in one place and we’ll make sure you sync all the essential details to your webshop automatically