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We have made a mobile solution which:

  • gives your employees an efficient flow/overview
  • increases the level of service towards the customers
  • is modularized to suit your needs
  • is user-friendly, safe to use and with real-time data
  • never decreases due to built-in offline function

Easy transition
MobiSolutions will be installed in parallel with your existing financial system. And at the same time, it is fully integrated with Uniconta. Our system can be used in many types of businesses and has a simple and manageable user design.

What can I do with MobiSolutions?
With MobiSolutions you can easily and quick fix time- and service registration directely on the spot. You use your Android or Apple work phone.

The app has these functions:

  • Task overview
  • Absence Registration
  • Time Registration
  • Product Management
  • Expense Management
  • Kilometer Registration
  • Image dokumentation
  • Signature

Always updated
You no longer need to use time on handwritten notes and manual inputs. There is online access to the time- and service registration where you can see the exact picture of your current situation. This means that you always have all relevant data right in front of you to make decisions from. It gives you greater flexibility and a better overview.

How is it practically?
MobiSolutions integrates with your current ERP system. This means that your data is always updated and synchronized at the moment they are entered. Of course safely and encrypted. Our solution is developed for Android and iOS.

Get stronger all the way around in your business
It is not just the processes around time and service registration you get optimized with MobiSolutions. You can also get more efficient areas like sales, logistics, store and production. They can ‚Äėplay together‚Äô so you get even more benefit from your business while optimizing the bottom line. Please contact us to hear more on +45 4361 3366 or at

General Requirements



From 40 DKK ‚Äď per month per MobiSolutions-user.

Support & Contact

+45 43 61 33 66

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Last time updated
February 1st, 2021
Latest Version
iOS, Android

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