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Easy time registration and job planning
With our ‘Come and go’ app, your employees can easily and simply punch in and out of the workplace. In addition, you can easily register time, absence and tasks directly from the stand. The app also has job planning and integration with a large number of payroll systems – including Danløn and Dataløn.

Part of MobiSolutions
The “Come and go” app is part of MobiSolutions – a series of apps that work directly with your existing ERP system, and make it easy and simple to digitize the way your company works.

  • Punch clock
    This feature makes it quick and easy to punch in and out of the workplace – either immediately or from a set time.
  • Login options
    You have the option of logging in to the app by scanning your ID card, using a beacon, entering a PIN code or by face recognition.
  • Guest login
    Visitors have the opportunity to log in and announce their arrival. The employee with whom he or she has an agreement is automatically notified of this. 
  • Shift schedules
    With the built-in shift schedules, you get a good overview of when your employees each work on specific tasks.
  • Shopfloor and documentation
    With the efficient job registration function, your employees can easily start, complete and document tasks in production.
  • Statistics
    Get access to relevant statistics regarding both wages and production, and get a valuable overview of the company’s current situation.
  • Payroll
    Make administration of payroll manageable with the built-in integration to a large number of payroll systems – including Danløn and Dataløn.
  • Intelligent stand
    Get the app installed and delivered in an intelligent stand that can both scan and recognize your faces, and also has built-in alcohol disinfection

How is it practically?
MobiSolutions integrates with your current ERP system. This means that your data is always updated and synchronized at the moment they are entered. Of course safely and encrypted. Our solution is developed for Android and iOS. 

Get stronger all the way around in your business
It is not just the processes around time and task registration you get optimized with MobiSolutions. You can also get more efficient areas like sales, logistics, store and production. They can ‘play together’ so you get even more benefit from your business while optimizing the bottom line. Please contact us to hear more on +45 4361 3366 or at

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From 150 DKK - per month per MobiSolutions-user.

Þjónusta & Samband

+45 43 61 33 66


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febrúar 1st, 2021
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iOS, Android

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