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WooCommerce Uniconta tenging

Samþættting á Uniconta og WooCommerce

Shopify Uniconta tenging

Samþætting milli Uniconta and Shopify

Webshop / WooCommerce intergation Uniconta

Woocommerce webshop integration with Uniconta

TKB Credit Management Software: TRUST IT

TRUST IT is a highly developed credit-management solution

flowpilot: The easiest way for businesses to forecast their cash flow

flowpilot is a smart software tool for financial planning, focussing on cash flow management


Íslenskt launakerfi fyrir Uniconta

App4Sales – Your perfect mobile sales app

Access your up-to-date product data, add items to orders and let customers sign with the B2B sales app.

Uni-CRM – online access to your relations

This web-app gives your employees access to your debtor- and supplier contact information

Import EDI Orders to Uniconta

Import orders based on specific customers from specific gateways like FTP, SFTP, DROPBOX, From VANS, Imap, Post Receiver to Uniconta ERP system

Export EDI invoices from Uniconta

To exchange booked invoices from Uniconta to all Customers that have requested electronic invoice


MobiSolutions Sales and CRM is a simple way of making Uniconta available for driving sellers, customers or others in the company who must be able to access customer information and make orders outside the company.


MobiSolutions B2B is a simple way of making Uniconta available for the company’s customers, who should be able to create orders themselves.



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