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How does ZUGFeRD work?

ZUGFeRD is based on the ISO standard PDF/A, which has been designed specifically for long-term archiving. It therefore meets the legal retention obligation for business documents. PDF/A guarantees that an invoice will display correctly in the long term.

However, the image alone is not enough for processing electronic invoices automatically. That’s why a ZUGFeRD invoice also contains the invoice information in machine-readable XML format. This is based on PDF/A-3, part 3 of the PDF/A standard. The extension allows structured XML data to be embedded in the PDF/A file. A ZUGFeRD invoice is therefore always a hybrid document, i.e. a PDF file with integrated XLM data. The PDF can be easily read by humans, while XML guarantees machine-readability.

What is ZUGFeRD 2.0?

ZUGFeRD was revised following the publication of the European standard EN 16931 in June 2017. This EU standard aims to standardize electronic invoicing throughout Europe and create a corresponding legal basis, with a view to supporting public administration processes and correct taxation in particular. However, an electronic invoicing standard that is recognized throughout Europe also facilitates B2B commerce in general, as it makes sending, receiving, and processing invoices electronically just as easy as in paper format – or even easier, thanks to automated processes.

The previous ZUGFeRD standard had to be adapted to the new one. ZUGFeRD 2.0, internationally referred to as “Factur-X”, was created as part of the Franco-German Digital Agenda. The new ZUGFeRD version meets all the requirements of EN 16931 and is also based on PDF/A-3.

Uniconta and ZUGFeRD

The current solution allows to
* create a ZUGFeRD invoice from a generated invoice in Uniconta, where you can place the invoice on a folder of your choice.
* Set a parameter on the customer to indicate if the customer wants a ZUGFeRD invoice.

In combination with the Batch Management plugin of Uniconta The Netherlands we can also place ZUGFeRD on a FTP or SFTP server.

We only support ZUGFeRD 2.0 and not earlier versions.

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