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Transfer Orders plugin

Efficient and Accurate Warehouse Transfer Management. When managing multiple warehouses, it is essential to have an organized and reliable system for moving goods from one warehouse to another. Our Transfer Orders Plugin is specifically designed to streamline this process and ensure accurate recording and booking of transfer activities.

Key features and benefits:
  • Transfer Order Creation: Managers can easily create transfer orders, even directly from a sales order, specifying which warehouse acts as the ‘from-warehouse’ and which as the ‘to-warehouse.’
  • Real-Time Stock Reservation and Monitoring: Once a transfer order is created, the goods are reserved in the ‘from-warehouse,’ and it is indicated that they are expected in the ‘to-warehouse,’ providing a real-time overview of inventory status.
  • Transport Duration Parameters: Set parameters for the transport duration between different warehouses, allowing you to make an accurate estimate of the arrival time of goods.
  • Pick Confirmation and Virtual ‘In Transit’ Warehouse: Confirm when the goods are picked, after which they are debited from the ‘from-warehouse’ and moved to a virtual ‘In Transit’ warehouse to accurately reflect the in-transit status.
  • Receipt Confirmation: Indicate when the goods are received in the ‘to-warehouse,’ after which the virtual ‘In Transit’ warehouse is debited, and the goods are booked into the ‘to-warehouse.’
  • Seamless Integration with Order Picking Plugin: Collaborate efficiently with the Order Picking Plugin for collecting goods during the transfer process.

Generelle krav

Uniconta Inventory, Sales and purchase module needs to be active

Uniconta krav

Client- Vær opmærksom på, at denne Add-on afvikles med en Uniconta standard-bruger


30/60 Euro per month per administration and a 1 time fee for the setup in Uniconta

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Uniconta Netherlands
+31 616 016 038

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november 14th, 2023
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