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The Shipping Module

Navigate through the complex world of goods shipping with our Shipping Module. Specially designed for monitoring the shipments of purchased goods, this module streamlines the management of international transports, especially when they originate from the Middle or Far East via sea or air freight.

Features and benefits include:
  • Registration of Shipping Documents: Start by registering the essential details of the shipment as listed on the Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill.
  • Container Registration: Next, track the containers in which your goods are packed and link them to the respective purchase order lines of one or more purchase orders.
  • Real-time Tracking: Keep track of the expected departure and arrival times (ETD and ETA) to ensure precise delivery timing.
  • Centralized Receipt: Once the goods have arrived at their destination, the module facilitates a centralized receipt of all orders in one action, saving time compared to individually receiving each purchase order.
  • Integration with BizBloqs: For a seamless receipt process via warehouse scanner.
  • 3-Way-Matching Integration: This module is also integrated with the 3-way-matching plugin of Uniconta Netherlands, greatly simplifying the reconciliation of invoices with received goods.


Generelle krav

Uniconta Purchase module needs to be active

Uniconta krav

Client- Vær opmærksom på, at denne Add-on afvikles med en Uniconta standard-bruger


30/60 Euro per month per administration and a 1 time fee for the setup in Uniconta

Support og kontakt

Uniconta Netherlands
+31 616 016 038

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november 3rd, 2023
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