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Order Picking List plugin

Optimize Your Warehouse Picking and Order Processing. In the hectic environment of a warehouse, it is crucial to have a streamlined and efficient process for order picking. Our Order Picking List Plugin brings order to the chaos by providing an organized system for managing the collection of sales order lines based on current stock availability.

Here are the key features and benefits:
  • Create Order Picking Lists Screen: Managers get an overview of all sales order lines for which stock is available and can be delivered.
  • Advanced Filtering and Search Functions: Filter and search on various fields such as warehouse, location, delivery date, and delivery address to accurately determine what needs to be picked.
  • Automatic Pick List Creation: Automatically create pick lists per customer or per order, which can then be printed, emailed, or sent in XML format to third parties, such as logistics service providers if warehousing is outsourced.
  • Real-Time Picking Monitoring: Record in the “Order Picking List Overview Screen” whether the pick orders have been picked, note any discrepancies, and mark picking lists as ready for shipping.
  • Seamless Posting: With posting, the sales order lines as mentioned on the order picking list are sent, and the stock is deducted, ensuring that stock levels are always accurately updated.
  • Efficient Collaboration with External Partners: With the ability to share pick orders with external logistics partners, this plugin ensures smooth collaboration and timely execution of shipping processes.
  • Integration: The order picking list seamlessly works with our transfer orders plugin and the BizBloqs WMS solution.

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Uniconta Sales module needs to be active

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30/60 Euro per month per administration and a 1 time fee for the setup in Uniconta

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Uniconta Netherlands
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november 3rd, 2023
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