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Call-off Orders plugin

With our Call-off Orders Plugin, you get a robust system for efficiently managing this unique order flow. Specifically designed to register and manage call-off orders, this plugin provides an organized structure for executing orders in parts, often spread over a year, at the customer’s request.

Key features and benefits include:
  • Registration of Call-off Orders: Capture the initial call-off order with all relevant details, providing a clear overview of the long-term customer commitment.
  • Partial Call-offs: When it‚Äôs time for a partial delivery, the plugin seamlessly creates a standard sales order in Uniconta while maintaining a clear link to the original call-off order.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Keep a close watch on how much is yet to be called off, how much has already been called off, and which orders have been called off to ensure you stay updated with the status of each order.
  • Link from Sales Order Lines: From the sales order lines in Uniconta, you can easily link to the original call-off order, ensuring integrated traceability and order history management.
  • Central Overview: With a central overview of all call-off orders and their associated partial call-offs, you maintain control and ensure timely execution of all customer requests.

Generelle krav

Uniconta Sales module needs to be active

Uniconta krav

Client- Vær opmærksom på, at denne Add-on afvikles med en Uniconta standard-bruger


30/60 Euro per month per administration and a 1 time fee for the setup in Uniconta

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Uniconta Netherlands
+31 616 016 038

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november 3rd, 2023
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