Intempus x Uniconta integration

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Uniconta is read by listening to webhooks.

Read from Intempus periodically

  • Every minute
  • 5 min ← The normal setting
  • 15 minutes
  • Every hour
  • Every day

You can set which side the data is sent to

  • Uniconta → Intempus
  • Intempus → Uniconta

Our criterion is, however, that the data is created in one master place.

Tables that are co-factored are:

  • Reports — Can only be created in Intempus.
    • Let’s try to send reports no matter what, i.e. if any information is missing, such as a product or customer, it will appear in Text, the field in Uniconta.
    • You can choose a date when integration should start, which is convenient if the customer has had integration inside.
  • Products — Can only be created in Uniconta.
    • A product group is created automatically
  • Customers
  • Tasks/Projects
    • A project position and a project group are created automatically
    • Custom project status can be set up for that needs to be created
  • Employees
    • You can set which field is set as Username in intempus.

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