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Iceland {Document management}

Add: Time Recording, Planning, Quality Assurance, Item rec., Driving Rec. and Equipment management. Add Mobile App to your UNICONTA

The automatic integration with UNICONTA makes it easy to use all Easy Time modules - you can freely choose from them.

Agro-economic – maskinregnskab

Udvid Uniconta projektmodulet til at håndtere landbrugsmaskiner, føre det særlige maskinregnskab, samt tilføje EasyTime moduler efter eget valg

App: Planlægning, tid-, vare-, kørsel-, kvalitet-, samt anlægsstyring

Den automatiske integration med UNICONTA gør det let at anvende alle EasyTime moduler, du frit kan vælge imellem.

Barcode scan

With this plugin it is possible to place the articles on the order in Uniconta using a barcode scanner.


BatchFlow4 is a simple and cloud-based solution for electronic invoice and document handling.

Collective invoice

With this module, you can easely gather the delivered orders together, make one invoice per client, at the time you want to, with the frequency you want to.

Export EDI invoices from Uniconta

To exchange booked invoices from Uniconta to all Customers that have requested electronic invoice

Import EDI Orders to Uniconta

Import orders based on specific customers from specific gateways like FTP, SFTP, DROPBOX, From VANS, Imap, Post Receiver to Uniconta ERP system

Intranet modul – udskriv og betale faktura

Giv dine kunder overblik og mulighed for at udskrive og betale faktura. Med vores lille Pluk inn løsning, har man nu mulighed for at give sine kunder adgang til bogførte fakturaer i Uniconta


Use the app to keep track on task overview, absence registration, time registration, product- and expense management, kilometer registration, image documentation and signatures.

Outlook integration

Outlook integration for Uniconta

Produktions webportal – til Uniconta

Slip for papir i produktionen og bliv mere effektiv med færdigmelding af produktionsordre i Uniconta.


Access to Uniconta via standard REST API - access more than 400 endpoints.

Standard values

With the Standard values plug-in standard values can be entered when new entries are made in Uniconta.


Samþáttar rauntíma upplýsingar milli starfsmanna/deilda