English: UniGantt adds professional manufacturing to Uniconta. Planning with simulation, gantt, routes, webbased job management and calculation.

Achieve better delivery performance, improved productivity and become more competitive than your competitors.



Country Netherlands
Category Manufacturing, Produktion
Type Independent Add-on
Platform iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android
Which industry is the Add-on for Manufacturing / Production
General Requirements Uniconta Manufacturing
Uniconta Requirements Client: The add-on requires a minimum of one (1) Uniconta full user.
Purpose of the Add-on Add Planning, jobhandling and calculation to Uniconta Manufacturing
Latest Version 03
Price Dkr. 100,- to Dkr. 250,- pr. bruger afhængig af type.
The Add-on is developed by: 2Change-ERP ApS | E-Mail | Københavnsvej 81 4000 Denmark
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions

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