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Uni-Order is a B2B web portal specially developed for Uniconta and fully integrated with Uniconta.


Unique options of Uni-Order:

  • In Uniconta you can create login accounts for your customers to log in to Uni-Order
  • Use your own sub-domain, for example: uni-order.YourDomain.com
  • You can determine yourself which items can be ordered via Uni-Order
  • Real-time interface between Uniconta and Uni-Order through maximum use of the Uniconta platform
  • After placing an order, the customer will immediately receive an Uniconta order-confirmation by email
  • Pricelists are fully implemented
  • Decide for yourself which days can be delivered
  • Item pictures which you can maintain within Uniconta
  • Insight into outstanding items and the possibility to download the invoice
  • Available in the languages supported by Uniconta
  • Set your own logo

View the screenshots to get an impression of the possibilities.



In the near future we will add more functionality to Uni-Order like:

  • Display more Uniconta order documents
  • 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentication) via Google Authenticator
  • Extending the delivery options
  • Payment options 


  • Setting up environment: € 350,-
  • Monthly costs:

    # Customers Monthly costs
    0-50 € 150
    51-100 € 200
    101-200 € 245
    >200 € 299


Country Netherlands
Category E-Commerce, Order management, Webshop
Type Independent Add-on
Platform iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android
Which industry is the Add-on for All industries
General Requirements Uniconta
Uniconta Requirements Server: The add-on requires a Uniconta Server-login and minimum of one (1) specific server user.
Purpose of the Add-on With this web portal your customers can enter their orders online | directly linked to Uniconta
Latest Version v1.2
Price € 150 - € 299 / month | depending on the number of customers
The Add-on is developed by: DNA Services B.V. | E-Mail | Postbus 257 2950 AB Netherlands
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions

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