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Did you know? Poor liquidity planning is responsible for nearly 80% of all bankruptcies and especially for startups, small companies and medium-sized companies, it is difficult to reliably analyze and control liquidity. This is why we developed flowpilot – a smart software solution that makes cash flow management really easy!

flowpilot helps you to set up professional cash flow management for your business

  • flowpilot visualizes a companies cash flow as a graphic diagram. Within seconds, you understand how your liquidity has developed.
  • With just a few clicks you forecast your liquidity and create scenarios for up to five years into the future.
  • flowpilot detects risks to your cashflow at an early stage. You can react much faster and make the right decisions.

flowpilot improves your controlling

  • Plan cash flow, income statement and balance sheet in one tool.
  • Configurable dashboards provide a quick overview over your financial health.
  • Individualized reporting, customized for controllers, CFO, CEO, investors etc.

flowpilot is easy to use

  • All you need to do is to upload your existing accounting data (e. g. DATEV)
  • The flowpilot engine does all the work and visualizes your cashflow
  • Done! Now you can start and plan your cash flow up to 5 years in the future!

Fintech made in Germany

  • flowpilot is hosted in Germany.
  • Our software was developed by German accounting experts.
  • flowpilot meets the highest standards in terms of security and data protection.

flowpilot saves time and money

  • flowpilot is Software as a Service. You do not need to install or update any software.
  • The powerful and intuitive functions help you to save a significant amount of time in your financial planning. Thus the monthly flowpilot fee pays for itself very quickly.



Country Danmark, herunder Færøerne og Grønland
Category Reporting
Type Independent Add-on
Platform iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android
Which industry is the Add-on for flowipilot: the cash flow management tool for small and medium sized enterprises, e. g. Startups. But to be honest: Every business that wants to improve their cashflow should use it
General Requirements flowpilot is Software as a Service and works in any browser
Purpose of the Add-on flowpilot is a smart software tool for financial planning, focussing on cash flow management
Price Starting from 49 euros per month
The Add-on is developed by: flowpilot UG | E-Mail | Friedrichstraße 68 10117 Germany
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions

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