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With the automatic export of invoices from Uniconta, you can meet all your customers’ requirements for electronic invoice. HubBrokers App automatically exports booked invoices for enabled customers. We then convert and deliver the invoice to your customer desired electronic format. Through the HubBroker App Dashboard, you can always view the status of the invoice delivery and download the required invoices.

We support varieties of features in order to ensure that invoices are sent correctly to your customers

  • You can activate all/specific customers for invoices to be sent to our software and conversion utilities. 
  • Invoices can be sent to VANS(EDI)
  • Invoices can be sent to PEPPOL
  • Invoices can be sent to NemHandel
  • Invoices can be sent to specific Customers/gateways (SFTP, FTP, DROPBOX, HTTP, AS2, e-mails etc.) in specific Format like (OIOXML, EDIFACT, OIOUBL, EHF, BIS4, FINVOICE, Svefaktura, CXML, PDF)
  • Customized settings to configure different customers 
  • Receive positive email/SMS notifications when invoices are sent correctly to your customers.
  • Receive negative email/SMS notifications when the error is encountered during the process.
  • Send invoices daily, weekly, hourly based on scheduling mechanism
Country Netherlands
Category Document management, E-Commerce
Type Independent Add-on
Platform iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android
Which industry is the Add-on for All Industries that need to exchange EDI invoices with customers
General Requirements Activation of app for Uniconta
Uniconta Requirements Server
Purpose of the Add-on To exchange booked invoices from Uniconta to all Customers that have requested electronic invoice
Price 999
The Add-on is developed by: HubBroker ApS | E-Mail | Agern Allé 24 2970 Denmark
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions

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