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 Automation of budgeting, forecast and financial reporting

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Your accountant or advisor has free access to assist you with budget and reporting!

Budget & Forecast

Automate the creation of budgeting models for budgeting holders based on historical data and trends from Uniconta and use these to plan and set targets for the future.

Take advantage of Driver-Based Planning to create forecasts based on your key variables within models that influences and have a significant impact on your organization’s key financial results.

Financial Reporting

Update, compile and present the reports to the organization in one process with live data from Uniconta.

Generate easily reports as monthly and quarterly reports, estimates, KPI and visual dashboards. The standard reports are exactly what your company need for financial reporting.


Analyze your cost centers such as departments and projects etc. Get the overview and detailed insights on business development across the organization.

Design your own budget and reporting package

Map your general ledger from Uniconta into budget and reporting structures that meet requirements from management, board, bank and investors. Maintain reporting structures using intuitive drag and drop functionalities with new accounts from Uniconta.

Take advantage off the predefined budget and reporting templates that help you get started in no time.


+2000 companies use our best practice solutions for Budget, Forecast, Financial Reporting & Business Intelligence

Country Iceland
Category Reporting
Type Independent Add-on
Platform Mac OS, Windows
Which industry is the Add-on for All industries: The preferred solution for finance departments and accountants
General Requirements Like us - you love Excel
Uniconta Requirements Client: The add-on requires a minimum of one (1) Uniconta full user.
Purpose of the Add-on Toolpack365 is integreret data from your ERP system to standard Budgeting, Forecast, Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence
Price €80 per month including FREE access for your accountant or advisor
The Add-on is developed by: Toolpack Solutions | E-Mail | Ørestads Boulevard 73 2300 Denmark
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions

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