Simple electronic document and invoice management

With BatchFlow4 you get full integration with Uniconta. This means that the entry of approved invoices will automatically be transferred to Uniconta. 
Creditors, charts of accounts and dimensions will automatically be transferred from Uniconta, so you only have to maintain your information in one place. Likewise, it is possible to see the individual invoices directly in Uniconta.

At the same time, you get fast implementation and automatic backup – and you avoid investing in expensive hardware and having the trouble of maintaining servers. 
Your solution will be implemented and carried out by experienced and competent technicians so you can focus on your primary tasks.

How to use BatchFlow4

BatchFlow is a simple and cloud-based solution to electronic invoice and document handling. 
With BatchFlow you receive the supplier invoices of your business electronically and it is easy to approve them no matter where you are – e.g. through your mobile phone when you are on the go.

After approval, BatchFlow automatically transfers your invoice data to Uniconta so you do not have to enter the data manually. Thereby, you can spend your time on more important things.

BatchFlow is updated regularly without your business needs to pay extras.


  • Selective entries – delimitation of account statements and dimensions based on the user
  • Templates – automatically assign an invoce an approval flow and entry
  • Free text search – search for a specific text or one or more fields
  • Access security – users only have access to relevant documents
  • Approval dependency – setting up rules of approval
  • Multiflow– send flow for approval with more users


Try a free demo of BatchFlow4. 

Country Netherlands
Category Document management, Reporting, Tools
Type Independent Add-on
Platform Windows
Which industry is the Add-on for All
General Requirements Min. Windows Vista SP2, .Net Framework 4.6
Uniconta Requirements Client: The add-on requires a minimum of one (1) Uniconta full user.
Purpose of the Add-on atchFlow4 is a simple and cloud-based solution for electronic invoice and document handling.
Price Price per month – 0-200 vouchers per month: DKK 295.00, more than 201-600 vouchers per month: DKK 495.00, more than 600 vouchers per month: please call us for a price. The prices are exclusive installing and setting up BatchFlow4.
The Add-on is developed by: FutureLink Development ApS | E-Mail | Blokken 13 3460 Birkerød Denmark
Uniconta A/S disclaims any liability for this add-on, and refers to the above developer. For our general Uniconta license please visit our terms & conditions