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Let EasyTime make Your day easy …

Time registration etc. is the module where your employees record the time spent on cases /project via mobile App as well as PC
     * Planning via Gantt graphics PC interface
     * Normal time via payrolls & activities
     * Normal time schedules via Start / Stop without the need for pay types and overdue payment
     * Separate column for additions
     * Machine time with an update of Equipment management service
     * Inventory/items record with barcodes /2D
     * Driving Accounts incl. fixed routes
     * Photo & notes to the case/project
     * Relaxation and holiday balance etc.

Equipment management is the module where user manuals, reservations and receipt logbook are on the mobile and PC

     * When should the equipment be serviced?
     * Service interval eg. after 365 days or spent 15,000 hours (Comes from time recording.)
     * Where is the equipment?
     * Who has acknowledged the equipment?
     * Who has booked the equipment?
     * Employees can see instructions for the equipment in PDF
     * Photos of eg. registration certificates
     * Barcode / 2D

Quality Assurance is the module when you create cases/projects in UNICONTA, are automatically ready for QA in the EasyTime mobile app as well as PC.

     * Templates of checkpoints
     * All work subjects can be submitted.
     * Control points with activities and possibility of deviation report
     * See drawings and documents for case / Project, company and control points
     * Quick selection of selected checkpoints
     * Approval with the breakdown in internal or external PDF report
     * Photo with GPS for checkpoints

Integration with your favourite Financial ERP system:

     * e-conomic
     * MS Dynamic Nav from 2009 on wards
     * MS Dynamic C5
     * MS Dynamic AX
     * SAP Opus ERP and SAP Opus Salary systems
     * Bluggarden Salary systems
     * All open ERP and Salary systems can integrate with EasyTime via our open WEB service.

Contact your Local Uniconta Country Manager and get a demonstration in your Local language ***)
Germany: Contact XAIO Process and Application Design GmbH +49 (0) 4321 6900270  e-mail:

or Contact EasyTime +45 7022 1428 for a demonstration in English

***) Available in your Local language for some Uniconta dealers

Land Eesti, Iceland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norge, United Kingdom
Kategori Customer management, Document management, Manufacturing, Order management, Payrolls, Produktion, Project Management, Reporting
Type Plugin
Platform iOS, Windows, Android
Hvilken sektor er den Add-on til All companies that have people in the field as well as project managers with one or more needs from the list of modules for example: Construction industry
Generelle betingelser Uniconta with project or order module as well an account
Uniconta forudsætninger Server: The add-on requires a Uniconta Server-login and minimum of one (1) specific server user.
Anvendelse The automatic integration with UNICONTA makes it easy to use all Easy Time modules - you can freely choose from them.
Seneste version
Pris Example from 5,23 Euro per Month for One module: Persons Time Registration - Plus Uniconta fee for one Plugin Users. Contact your Uniconta dealer for a calculation of you needs
Denne Add-on er udviklet af: EasyTime ApS | E-Mail | Skolevangen 24 8800 Denmark
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